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 Presidents Message
Brighton Park Golf Club Highlights
  First a big thank you to my fellow board members for all their hard work in putting together another great golf season. We start in November every year and work at it until after our tournament season is over at the end of September. Also thanks go out to those that volunteered to help out at one of our special events by working the check in table, setting up for a picnic or helping clean up after.

  Thank you each of you for being a member of the Brighton Park Golf Club for the 2019 season. It was another successful season after a slow, wet start. We are hoping that all of you will be returning next year. Membership applications will be mailed and emailed out shortly after the beginning of the New Year. Our schedule for 2020 should be finalized at about the same time and will be updated on the club's website.

   Please remember that there are still unclaimed prizes and someone should be at the course most Saturdays and Sundays from noon until 2:30 (weather permitting) until the course closes. If not picked up we will assume that they are not wanted and will be donated. Those with outstanding prizes should have already received an email last week.

   Finally, after a lot of sad news to report in the past couple months, I have some happy news. For those of you that weren't already aware of it, club member Sean McCormick and his wife were blessed with the birth of a daughter Hazel Christine McCormick back in September. Congratulations Sean!

  If you have any suggestions as to improve our club in the coming season, now is the time to get your ideas in. We will be starting work on setting up next season soon. 

  Please use our sponsors whenever possible and while there let them know that you are a member of the Brighton Park Golf Club and thank them for their help. Without their help we wouldn't be able to run the events and have the prizes that we do during the golf season.

  Keep your eyes open for occasional club updates during the off season, they will be sent out more frequently as the new season approaches. 

  Whenever possible, please patronize our sponsors. without their help we wouldn't be able to hold the weekly tournaments and other events on our schedule and while at those spots thank them for being a sponsor.

     As always feel free to contact us with any inquiries or suggestions by email at  bpgolfclub@yahoo.com

Rob Coppola & Tim Dowell at the Paddock Golf Dome during demo day looking to  promote the our club and registering new members .

2020 Applications Information

Now Accepting New Members for 2019!           

Applications are also available at the Paddock Golf Dome

Reasons to Join BPGC in Tonawanda NY 

  • Annual dues are only $95
  • New members $105
  • Currently over 225 members
  • Season runs from April 20th thru September 30th 
  • Weekly tournaments played Wednesday to Sunday
  • Compete against other golfers in your handicap class (0-10,11-14,15-19,20 and up)
  • Golden Class (for golfers 65 years of age and up)
  • Several major tournaments held thought-out the entire BPGC season
  • We use the official USGA handicap GHIN system
  • Total Prize Fund exceeds $10,000
  • The top 4 net scores in each flight are eligible for weekly prizes 

       Click on this link to see and download the application: 2020 Application

For even more information email: Brighton Park Golf Club at bpgolfclub@yahoo.com